Summer Camps are Coming…..

summer camps are coming WS

2019 Summer Camps with The Art Express

June – August 2019, Naples FL

The Art Express provides numerous art camps throughout the summer, including camps that focus on painting, drawing, paper-mache, puppet-making, upcycled art and more. All camps are for youth, ages 8 – 15, with the exceptions of Puppets a Plenty and Recycled Cities which are for ages 6 – 12. The camps take place at the Norris Center (239-213-3058), the Naples Preserve and Fleischmann Park Community Center (239-213-3020).

Art Around the World  Discover new art forms from around the world. We’ll be painting with yarn, making baskets, sand painting and more!  Norris Center. 239-213-3058.

Art Like the Masters  Master new art skills while learning about some of history’s finest modern artists.  Norris Center. 239-213-3058.

Crazy Cartoons  Turn your creative ideas into comic strip reality. Naples Preserve. 239-213-3020.

Explore the Arts  Masking tape art, weaving, clay sculpture, metal tooling, painting, printmaking, stone carving, puppet making and more! Norris Center. 239-213-3058.

Let’s Paint! Discover the joy of painting while exploring watercolor, tempera, acrylics, pastels and more. Fleischmann Park Community Center & Norris Center. 239-213-3020.

Not So Edible Art  Don’t come hungry or you might get fooled by our realistic art creations! Fleischmann Park Community Center &  Norris Center. 239-213-3020.

Paper Art  Create 2D and 3D works of art from handmade paper to 3 foot creatures!  Norris Center. 239-213-3058.

Paper Mache & Paper Making  We’ll create 2D and 3D works of art from handmade paper to 3 foot creatures! Fleischmann Park Community Center. 239-213-3020.

Puppets a Plenty  Finger puppets, sock puppets, marionettes … you name it, we’re making it! Norris Center. 239-213-3058.

Recycled Cities  We’re going to build miniature cities with cars, people and rocket ships!  Norris Center. 239-213-3058.

Upcycled Art  Recycle everyday items to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces!  Fleischmann Park Community Center. 239-213-3020.

You Can Draw! Learn the secrets of drawing — using shapes to make familiar forms, shading techniques, perspective drawing — and so much more! Naples Preserve. 239-213-3020.



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