Elementary Art

The Art Express offers elementary age classes, camps or projects for a special event.

Classes / Camps:

Choose a theme for your class or camp or have us choose it for you. Here are some ideas:

  • All About Paper – Learn papermaking and paper casting. Explore origami, kirigami, quilling, pop-up cards and more!
  • Art Around the World – Learn art forms from all over the world, such as Koru art, Gyotaku, Suminagashi, basketmaking, Navajo Sand Painting, and more!
  • Art in 3D – Use clay, recycled materials and your imagination to create big, small and crazy works of art!
  • Art in Many Forms – Create artworks in 2D and 3D! Explore the many art forms such as weaving, sculpture, drawing, painting, clay modeling and more!
  • Art Like the Masters – Learn art skills with various media while learning about some of history’s finest modern artists and their art!
  • Artful Ornaments – Create holiday ornaments for your tree or as gifts.
  • Clay, Clay and More Clay! – Learn how to work with clay! We’ll pinch, coil and slab-build to create wonderful works of art! We’ll make/use homemade clays as well as a variety of commercial clays.
  • Crazy Cartoons – Anyone who can make a stick figure can learn to draw funny cartoons! Turn your creative ideas into comic strip reality. 
  • Drawing in the Grass – Sit on a blanket in the grass (weather providing) and learn the basics of drawing…from proportions to perspective to shading and finally adding color. We’ll use a variety of tools and techniques.
  • Litter Critters – Create art from recycled materials. the possibilities are endless!
  • Masks & Disguises – Create all kinds…paper masks, half masks, paper mache masks, box masks and more!
  • Puppets a Plenty – Make pop-up puppets, stick puppets, hand puppets, sock puppets, paper bag puppets, finger puppets……..Can anyone have enough puppets?


Choose a project for your special event. Here are some ideas:

  • make a bird
  • head on a stick
  • make a kite
  • make a stamp
  • origami frog
  • paper bag mask
  • paper bag puppet
  • sock puppet
  • tissue tube monster
  • water bottle fish